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Tools: DB-Examiner Enterprise Edition

Tools: DB-Examiner Enterprise Edition

by Rick Turoczy on September 9, 2004

[Editor's note: We're seeing more and more software tools crop up, addressing different aspects of SOX compliance. What do you think of this trend? Is Microsoft Excel enough?]

DB-Examiner Enterprise Edition ensures that a database schema from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or Sybase has no flaws that would adversely affect data integrity and consistency. Examiner contains over 50 diagnostic tests to detect errors with the schema. It explains the errors as well as the potential impact. Examiner will make suggestions and create corrective SQL scripts to alleviate the problems. Data retrieved from a validated schema will be of a much higher quality and be far more reliable. When a schema is debugged using DB-Examiner at an early stage, the cost of an application is greatly reduced for both development and maintenance. DB-Examiner automates the mandatory, manual task of validating a new or existing database schema. It is a ‘spell checker’ for most databases. DB-Examiner pays for itself on the initial use. Examiner is a must have product for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Tools: DB-Examiner Enterprise Edition

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