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Big Data Issues at Smaller Companies

Big Data Issues at Smaller Companies

by Rick Turoczy on October 27, 2004

Many data-management requirements, most notably the dictates of Sarbanes-Oxley, initially applied only to large public corporations, but their effects are already trickling down to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). These firms must manage data just as professionally as the big guys, providing easy, reliable access to some records and guaranteeing the confidentiality of others. Some of those SMBs may want to go public someday, and they’ll be subject to the same regulations as the Global 1,000. And no business of any size is immune to lawsuits, major or minor disasters, or competitive pressures.

“SMBs’ storage needs aren’t really different than enterprise storage needs,” says Nancy Hurley, a Portland, Oregon-based senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, a data-storage research firm headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts. “They want to effectively utilize resources, reduce total costs, and protect and recover business information like everyone else, just on a smaller scale.”

Big Data Issues at Smaller Companies

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