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Nation’s Chief Security Officers Call for Help (PDF)

Nation’s Chief Security Officers Call for Help (PDF)

by Rick Turoczy on December 15, 2004

When asked to name the number one factor driving security investments in their organization, almost half of CSOs (45%) answered regulation and compliance from government, industry or internal mandates. The second and third highest scoring factors include self-directed decisions based on needs assessments (17%) and requirements from board of directors, corporate management, business units or customers (10%).

Of note, the risks or risk-related activities that CSOs estimate spending the most time and resources on in 2005 are information security (e.g., cybercrime) at 36%, business ethics compliance (e.g., Sarbanes/Oxley) at 21%, physical security (e.g., access control, cameras/surveillance, security officers, etc.) at 12%, security program management (e.g., RFID, workplace violence, etc.) at 8%, terrorism at 5%, intellectual property loss at 5% and investigations at 4%.

Nation’s Chief Security Officers Call for Help (PDF)

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