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Coping with Compliance

Coping with Compliance

by Rick Turoczy on February 2, 2005

The problem with much of what you read is that you no longer know just what to believe. If, like me, you occasionally visit the website which happens to be offering the latest and greatest gadget to improve your life, you understand the problem.

I recently bought this wonderful gadget that you plug into the cigarette lighter in your car, and with a standard USB token you now have an instant MP3 player that works with your car radio. Sounded great, promised to solve all my problems. Unfortunately, the reality is not quite what I had hoped for! Maybe if I’m in the middle of the Antarctic it just might work brilliantly, but right in the heart of Western Europe, the results are less than ideal.

Now you may wonder what an MP3 player has to do with IT security. Well actually quite a lot. The product I foolishly wasted my money on promised to solve my entertainment implementation problems, and much of what we see in IT security is often promoted in the same way. It seems as if every vendor has the panacea for all IT security problems.

There Are No Silver Bullets

Coping with Compliance

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