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Making Your Firm a Merger Candidate

Making Your Firm a Merger Candidate

by Rick Turoczy on March 4, 2005

The growth and health of national and big regional firms and the fallout from Sarbanes-Oxley has made mergers upstream increasingly attractive for smaller firms. “There are very few situations where a merger is not a good idea from the viewpoint of the smaller firm,” says Marc Rosenberg, president of the consultancy The Rosenberg Associates. Adds Cono Fusco, managing partner of mergers and practice integration in the New York office of Grant Thornton, “The firm that makes the truly strategic decision with a merger can instantly get into a league that otherwise it could 20 years to create.”

Bruce Bauman and Larry Gray, principals at Misceo, a consulting firm that helps small and medium-size businesses with M&A;, stress that getting one’s own house in order is among the very first steps, with particular attention to understanding and documenting key operational processes, and the operational culture.

“Merging can be a fabulous way for a firm to improve profits as well as service deliverables to clients, but it also comes with some risk and sleepless nights,” adds Allan Koltin, president and CEO of the Chicago-based consultancy PDI Global.

Making Your Firm a Merger Candidate

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