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Donaldson, Levitt Diverge on Convergence

Donaldson, Levitt Diverge on Convergence

by Rick Turoczy on February 22, 2006

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act also stirred up considerable debate. Levitt said he opposes plans that would indefinitely impose different Sarbanes-Oxley standards on companies, depending on their size. “These are public companies that passed a threshold,” he asserted, adding that investors in a small company that fails should enjoy the same protections as large-company investors.

Donaldson noted that while Sarbox’s benefits are substantial, initial compliance with the law was flawed. “We told Corporate America, you do not have to count paper clips,” he noted, adding that he expects compliance costs to decline and companies to start applying the law more intelligently.

Donaldson, Levitt Diverge on Convergence

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