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Enron: Does it hurt to be nice?

Enron: Does it hurt to be nice?

by Rick Turoczy on February 23, 2006

In other Wednesday news…does it hurt to be nice? Maybe. Collins pointed out several cases where Rieker’s words at the time appeared to contradict her testimony now. “Your leadership has been invaluable,” Rieker wrote in an e-mail to Ken Lay on the day Dynegy’s short-lived deal to purchase Enron was announced. She signed the e-mail, “My best, Paula.”

“You would not have praised Mr. Lay…if you had believed he had been engaged in wrongdoing, would you?” Collins asked. Rieker paused, and then said that was not entirely accurate. There were times when she “fell into the role of being a good corporate citizen,” she said. Collins then asked if she’d ever told Lay directly that he had done anything wrong. She said that there were times when she said things, but conceded that no, she didn’t say it in those words.

Enron: Does it hurt to be nice?

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