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Ideoblog: Norris on SOX

Ideoblog: Norris on SOX

by Rick Turoczy on March 11, 2006

The New York Times Floyd Norris has drawn the ire of Larry Ribstein. To wit: “The NYT’s Floyd Norris says that the SEC ought to consign the report of its Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies ‘to a basement file cabinet.’ Why? With penetrating analysis, Norris says ‘fraud occurs most often at such companies.’ Yep, that’s the only supporting reasoning.

“Well, Norris is entitled to his opinion. My main question is why anybody should pay good money to read it.

“Those looking for some actual thinking might glance at the Report itself, which deserves much more than Norris’s lame dismissal, and the 40k words Henry Butler and I have put together for presentation at the AEI on Monday.”

As always, Ribstein is well worth the read.

Ideoblog: Norris on SOX

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