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The environmental impact of compliance

The environmental impact of compliance

by Rick Turoczy on June 30, 2006

The costs and disruption associated with complying with new legislation and regulation will be familiar to a lot of IT professionals. For many companies, adhering to the likes of Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II and MiFID often means a fundamental reorganisation of the way IT systems are run.

It may be heartening to know, then, that the compliance burden can be as big a headache to those public-sector organisations tasked with introducing new legislation as it is to those on the sharp end of new laws.

The Environment Agency is a non-departmental public body that is responsible for enforcing government policy around conservation and the regulation of the effects of heavy industry on the environment. When the Government introduced its pollution prevention and control regulation in 2002 — designed to ensure companies have sufficient waste production and disposal procedures in place — the agency was forced to consider whether its IT systems were up to the job of enforcing the regulation.

The environmental impact of compliancensight

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