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Compliance and BI: Same mission, different approaches

Compliance and BI: Same mission, different approaches

by Rick Turoczy on July 19, 2006

Compliance and business intelligence (BI) initiatives are designed to standardize the delivery of business information, yet both are afflicted by a lack of semantic consistency they are designed to solve. So how do you successfully define these different types of initiatives and ensure they effectively work together to achieve the same goal within your organization?

It would be wise for organizations embarking on compliance initiatives to leverage the work of BI professionals. One way to do this is to extend an existing data warehouse or data warehousing architecture to deliver financial reports. Well-designed BI environments already have the infrastructure, tools, processes and checks to collect, validate, integrate and populate financial information into database management systems designed to support financial analysis and reporting. This infrastructure is invaluable and can help organizations accelerate their progress toward meeting Sarbanes-Oxley and other requirements.

Compliance and BI: Same mission, different approaches

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