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SOX Life: IPOs Popping Abroad – Go Figure

SOX Life: IPOs Popping Abroad – Go Figure

by Rick Turoczy on September 28, 2006

I often wonder at the surprise of somethings. A recent article notes Bloomberg is engaging McKinsey (“New York to Study Lack of IPOs”)to figure out why companies are going public in London or in their own countries instead of the good ol’ US of A. There is a preliminary finger wagging at SOX, which reasonably could carry some of the brunt.

What wasn’t clear to me is the population of new IPOs occurring with companies based in the US versus abroad – which I think would be a telling indicator.

Before the official study gets released, and it becomes all to clear as to the real culprit, let me take a few uneducated guesses as to why I might chose to list abroad, assuming I were a foreign company.

SOX Life: IPOs Popping Abroad – Go Figure

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