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Business “Wins” Sarbanes-Oxley “Battle,” WSJ Says

Business “Wins” Sarbanes-Oxley “Battle,” WSJ Says

by Toby Lucich on November 13, 2006

The front page of Friday, Nov. 10th’s Wall Street Journal reports “Business Wins Its Battle to Ease A Costly Sarbanes-Oxley Rule”.

The article cites a number of studies, including FEI’s March, 2006 survey of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 costs – which showed that the costs did not come down nearly as much as anticipated in year two of implementation, in spite of additional guidance issued by SEC and PCAOB in 2005, which some viewed as not going far enough.

Business “Wins” Sarbanes-Oxley “Battle,” WSJ Says

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