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Explaining Segregation of Duties

Explaining Segregation of Duties

by Toby Lucich on May 19, 2007

As a controls professional, I’m sensitive to any employee that has too much on their plate, and have to consider if proper Segregation of Duties are in place. They get burned out. They get tired. They feel rushed. They risk simply going through the motions.

But worst of all, they are at risk for creating justifications for less-than-professional performance. I’m not thinking about just fraud (though this attitude is very much at the heart of embezzlement and other acts of personal gain at the expense of the company), but about the impact to professional levels of service delivery.

When feeling overwhelmed, “what is best or important” gets put aside for addressing “what is urgent.” Just looking to one’s own personal life provides a rich series of examples where important is sacraficed for urgent – poor eating habits, less/no exercise, lack of sleep – all given up for things that feel urgent at the time, but have limited long-term value. We sometimes get sloppy and lose our focus. Not malicious, just a simple error.

Explaining Segregation of Duties

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