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Kerpen: Dems Owe Voters Some Sarbox Reform

Kerpen: Dems Owe Voters Some Sarbox Reform

by Toby Lucich on May 16, 2007

Before the midterm congressional elections last year, analysts were predicting that the outcome would determine how far Sarbanes-Oxley reform would progress. Shortly after the elections, a Washington Times columnist pondered whether the Democrats who won their posts with promises of a “slimmer” Sarbox would follow through, and if so, how long it would take them.

The debate continues today. Writing in National Review Online, Americans for Prosperity policy director Phil Kerpen is taking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her colleagues to task for failing to walk the talk that won them their seats.

When they were campaigning, Kerpen says, they agreed that Sarbox — especially the 404 audit requirements — was too stiff. Even if they didn’t favor an all out repeal, they agreed that a change was necessary.

Kerpen: Dems Owe Voters Some Sarbox Reform

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