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Waiting for the auditor

Waiting for the auditor

by Toby Lucich on October 12, 2007

Compliance spend may continue to rise year on year but there has been no attendant increase in compliance confidence. The majority of compliance officers are all too well aware of the presence of gaps and holes in IT systems, often created by unauthorised changes, which can rapidly undermine the compliant status.

Indeed, for many organisations, compliance has become little more than a box ticking exercise that attempts to deliver a compliant organisation at one point in time. Yet change to the business and IT infrastructure is both rapid and constant – and an essential component of development and growth.

As a result each audit process is fraught with problems. Compliance officers know without any doubt that a manual check by auditors could well reveal some breach or compliance problem that requires further, highly expensive, investigation. The result is increasing audit costs and a growing risk of major compliance failure – with attendant fines and negative publicity.

Waiting for the auditor

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