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CMA committed to corporate governance practices: Al Jabri

CMA committed to corporate governance practices: Al Jabri

by Toby Lucich on January 15, 2008

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) is committed to promoting sound corporate governance practices in Oman, Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, executive president of the CMA said here yesterday.

Recently, the capital market regulator had issued an administrative decision forming corporate governance committee to implement a corporate governance plan in Oman by disseminating information on international standards and practices.

The committee, Al Jabri said, comprises nine members representing the public and private sectors, academic and professional institutions.

The committee is chaired by the director-general of legal affairs, enforcement and corporate governance with the membership of the director of the department of corporate governance of the CMA as well as members representing the Diwan of Royal Court, Central Bank of Oman, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lawyers’ Association, Accountants’ Association and the Omani Economic Association.

CMA committed to corporate governance practices: Al Jabri

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Anonymous March 10, 2008 at 4:43 am

Omani economy is dominated by a handful of business families. All these families are also well represented in the government and administrative istitutions of the country. Even the CMA, which is supposed to be a neutral market regulator, is chaired by a minister from one of the business houses in the country.

Until the nexus are broken, there cannot be any Corporate Governance except for the benefits of public relation to attract investments into the country.

bath mateus December 20, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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