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SOX Life Blog: Knowledge Management and Corporate Governance

SOX Life Blog: Knowledge Management and Corporate Governance

by Toby Lucich on April 22, 2008

Knowledge Management (KM) is more than a buzz phrase running through organizations, so if you were hoping this discussion was going to abruptly end, think again.

With so many organizations facing labor shortages as the baby boomers look toward retirement, it becomes not only a staffing but a very practical governance conversation about addressing this talent gap. What would happen if all your senior talent left tomorrow?

I recently received an email from a researcher in Austrailia interested in organizational maturity of KM practices, and how this is viewed in association with corporate governance. I would invite you to participate as well (and ask consultants to consider a key client as well for whom this would be relevant).

Dear Colleagues,

I am Suzanne Zyngier, a Research Fellow at La Trobe University, Australia is conducting questionnaire research into knowledge management (KM) strategies and governance. This questionnaire is unique in investigating the governance of knowledge management which is defined as the implementation of authority to ensure the realization of benefits of KM strategy development and implementation.

This new research will overview conditions globally.This new research is important because it will enhance our understanding of the issues encountered in governance, development and implementation of KM programs. Practitioners and theoreticians need and want to find better solutions to these issues.This questionnaire comprises 20 questions about KM – some text based and some multiple choice, and a section on background information. The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

SOX Life Blog: Knowledge Management and Corporate Governance

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DavidA April 28, 2008 at 11:26 am

I’d just like to put in that as a Sarbanes-Oxley IT consultant, I’ve experienced the difference that an IMS makes to a Sarbanes compliance project. I’ve worked in both management-side and IT Audit using Word and Excel to implement Sarbanes controls and tests, and my last contract was to complete the implementation of an enterprise Sarbanes IMS.
I would have to say around a 100% reduction in costs and time for the project was realized by using the IMS. Having a collaborative system allowed me to prepare the content (controls, tests, etc.) for each corporate department and site beforehand, conduct online training and issue resolution, and perform handoffs with incredible ease compared to working with files.
So I’d say that the time for Information Management Systems is definitely at hand.
Thanks for having such a great site!

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